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Types Of Nails: Selection Guide

Not all nails are the same: as we have different hair, complexions and styles, the types of nails are also very different from each other. Let’s see together what are the characteristics, how to make them and how to choose the most suitable shape for you.

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Various Nail Shapes: How Many Are There And What Are They?

First of all, let’s start talking about all the types of shapes that can be made on natural nails, therefore not reconstructed.

As always, first of all I assume that your nail is well cared for, clean of all unsightly and annoying cuticles and skin, because if this is not the case, immediately run for cover with the right products!

That said, the choice of natural nail types depends on the health of the nail, the width and length of the nail bed, the size of the hands and fingers.

The choice of the most suitable type of nail for your hand will be fundamental in the success of the manicure and nail art, as well as, it will be essential for a better aesthetic impact.

Follow this guide if you opt for DIY, otherwise, contact a professional to get the best advice!

Square Nail: The Convenient Choice

Among the types of nails most widespread and requested by women is certainly the so-called Square.

It is convenient for those who carry out manual work and is the favorite if you want to leave room for creativity in the decoration, as it is quite wide in width.

In addition, it is perfect for French manicure, but it is especially suitable for those with tapered fingers, since the squared effect could make stubby fingers that, at the start, are not typical of a pianist.

Oval Nail: The Classic Choice

Among the different nail shapes, however, if there is one that can truly be defined as versatile and universal, it is the oval one! Suitable for any type of hand and finger, suitable for any length of natural nail, and perfect for any type of profession!

In this case, minimal decorations or solid color enamel are preferred, especially if the result you want to achieve is sophisticated, but elegant.

Squoval Nail: A Trendy Mix

You may not have heard of it so far because, in terms of Nail Art, it is a relatively recent form, but Squoval is increasingly in demand in beauty salons (and not only!).

It comes from the mix between a square and an oval nail, becoming a perfect combination of the strong effect of the squared shape and the vintage effect of the oval nail.

Almond Nail: Extension Effect For Hands!

This shape is also called “almond nail” and is a particular variation of the oval nail.

Almond nails are more elongated, comfortable and perfectly suitable for those with slightly stubby hands or for those who want to give their fingers a very sensual and feminine effect.

Stiletto Nails: When Grit Is At Home

If we talk about the types of nails that exist, it is impossible not to mention the most aggressive shape there is, that is the stiletto!

Characterized by a very long and pointed tip, this shape is ideal for those who already have long nails and tapered fingers, but above all for those who are not afraid to dare, even with decorations.

Ballerina Nails: Romantic And Chic

Do you want fairy hands, which recall the tips of the shoes of ballet dancers and give your hands an almost old-fashioned look? Then go for ballerina nails!

Suitable for almost all types of fingers and hands, they are beautiful both short and longer and give a lot of space to the creativity of nail art.

How to shape your nails?

We have seen the most common forms of nails and figured out how to choose them, but … how to make them?

If the nail is well cared for and reconstruction is not used, it is all a work of practicality, exercise and file!

Clearly, if the nail is not well cared for or if it is excessively short or you simply want a lengthening effect, then you can also choose between the different types of nail reconstruction (acrylic, gel, tips, papers) perhaps made by a professional, to be able to get advice on the best form for you.

What else is there to know about the different types of nails

As can be seen from everything we have said so far, nails are not all the same. But regardless of the shape, the nail, its shape, it also depends a lot on the diet, any pathologies, daily habits and much more.

Therefore, we must look closely at our hands to understand if our nails are healthy and possibly treat them properly, because yes, aesthetics are essential, but the choice must be made above all by giving priority to health!

How is the perfect nail made?

Let’s imagine bending a finger of the hand and looking at it in profile: we will notice a curvature. Among the different types of nails, those that have a “C” shaped curve are the perfect and healthy ones.

Unfortunately, however, the curvature does not always take the right direction. If the shape tends to form a sort of spoon, so it has an upward curvature, then it should be made as short as possible.

If, on the other hand, the propensity is to go down, like a sort of claw, then one must opt for a reconstruction to “correct” this trend. Obviously, in these cases, always rely on an expert nail technician!

Each Nail Its Character

The choice of the preferred form does not only depend on rationally following a written guide, but is also the result of instinct and character, according to neuroscience. Any examples?

  • If you choose to have very long nails, you are probably a woman who loves to be noticed and is perfectly aware of how much the hand is a very important business card;
  • If you choose to widen the nail in width, however, you are probably very pragmatic and aim for practicality rather than the beauty of things;
  • Choosing oval nails means not wanting to dare and, probably, you are a very romantic woman who does not want to be the center of attention;
  • Choosing square nails, denotes a great sense of responsibility and a huge sense of duty, indicating reliability and leadership skills.

Types Of Nails: Shapes For Men!

By now we know, not only women are attentive to aesthetics!

Men also have the possibility to choose which shape or type of manicure they prefer: attention, except in exceptional cases it is certainly difficult to see male stiletto or ballerina nails, but for example it is possible to express personality through the choice between a slightly longer shape. squared or a little more rounded.

In male nail care, what matters a lot is the care of the hand, the cuticles, the skin around the nail beds: the manicure, in short, is essential.

Then, they can choose all the types of nails they prefer, we love them despite their imperfections. Word of Vale!

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