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Summer Nails: Tips For A Perfect Manicure

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The summer has now begun and in order not to find ourselves unprepared and to be ready to go on vacation and bring our style to the beach, let’s see together how to make wonderful summer nails.

Together we will see ideas and tips to create a perfect summer manicure, tips and inspirations to decorate your hands in an original, creative and super fashion way. Ready? Let’s begin!

Free way to imagination with summer nail art!

Hands are a very important business card for us women, regardless of the season and the look.

But, let’s face it, in summer we are much more attentive to our appearance, both because we are more often in a good mood, and because we have more time to dedicate to ourselves.

For this reason, if you want to experiment and have fun decorating your nails without contacting a professional, I give you some tips and some ideas to create a curated and super trendy manicure for your holidays.

Let’s start by saying that the summer gives the opportunity to indulge in the decorations and shades to choose from, allowing us to give space to all our creativity.

Bright colors, fluorescent details, marine-inspired nail art: choose what you prefer, bring out your tan and treat yourself to matching your hands with your favorite costume!

Nails With Summer Designs

If you want to opt for nails with summer designs, what is very fashionable now is the mermaid effect, with a legendary and somewhat magical touch: making it is not easy, you need a steady hand and a little precision.

It is necessary to apply a bright color as a base (possibly a nuances inspired by the sea, such as a beautiful light blue or blue) and then reproduce the texture of the mermaid’s tail with white or silver (on all nails or only on some ).

If, on the other hand, the preference is towards something a little simpler, you could opt for a mismatched effect, coloring the nails with a solid color polish and decorating only one with a marine-themed design, such as an anchor, a starfish. , a wave.

Or, if you have a sailing holiday in mind, a very pretty manicure is created using a blue and white nail polish.

The navy effect is reproduced by coloring the nails blue and then decorating them with white with “marine” effects, such as stripes, shells, anchors, rudders and other nautical symbols.

It is also possible to enrich this manicure with rhinestone applications.

Palms And Fruits: Summer Evergreens!

There are summer fantasies that never go out of fashion and that are suitable for both city and beach holidays (or even in the mountains): we are talking about the fruity mood and palm nails!

Both decorations are super colorful and fun and will allow you to have special summer nails, which will not go unnoticed and which can adapt to any type of look.

As for the fruity fantasy, it is possible to make it as you prefer, thanks to the help of a dotter, brushes and the help of polymer clay.

You can choose to reproduce the texture of kiwi or watermelon, strawberries or pineapple on all nails or only on some.

Alternatively, you could opt for a pattern inspired by the Amalfi coast, with lemons and yellow and blue details.

If, on the other hand, you are more inclined to be inspired by the great stretches of dream sand of the USA, then you can choose Palm Art and replicate colorful palms on your hands, perhaps with an Accent Nail effect (therefore drawing them only on one finger).

Whatever your choice, remember that it is important, as I always say, to first prepare the nail for the nail art, use a good base at the beginning and an excellent top coat at the end, for an optimal result.

Summer Nail Colors: Selection Guide

So far we have talked about decorations and nail art, but in summer you can also decide to opt for a much simpler and more neutral manicure, for example by choosing a French effect (replacing, however, the white color of the bezel with a bright color), or you could decide to show off a baby boomer effect on the nails, always trendy and with a neat effect.

If, on the other hand, you prefer plain colors, I suggest you use fluorescent and pastel colors for this summer 2021: they are the real stars!

Among the fluorescent shades, in addition to the more classic yellow, orange and green, you can opt for a bright coral, splendid on tanned hands and very, very feminine, while for pastel colors, shades of blue are very fashionable this year. and lilac.

Another Glam alternative are electric and metallic shades, such as blue and purple.

If you are a lover of nails that are not overly decorated, but still want impactful hands that sparkle with joy, you can choose the rainbow effect, coloring each nail with a different shade!

Advice on how to improve the hold of the nail polish in the summer

During the summer we all want to show off perfect hands and we certainly don’t want to spend every day of our holidays having to touch up our nail polish.

For this reason, where we do not want to opt for reconstructions and gels, but for traditional enamels, it is important to follow some precautions to ensure that the hold of our manicure is as long as possible. avoiding that external agents such as sand, salt water and sun can ruin it.

First of all, always remember to prepare your hands for a day at the beach, applying a cream or a mask for hands and nails, in order to hydrate them as much as possible and avoid excessive dryness.

In addition, we always remember to reinforce the nail with a good transparent base and to finish the applications with a good top coat.

These precautions, attention, also apply to the feet: if it is true that you do not necessarily have to use the same nail art or the same colors on the nails of the hands and feet, it is also true that the feet must be equally exfoliated, hydrated and cared for.

For this, green light for foot baths and scrubs, for a result that is always at the top … word of Vale!

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