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Short Nails: The Trend Of The Moment

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Well yes, you will not believe it, but one of the latest fashions of the moment in the Nails world is having short nails.

Perhaps the Coronavirus effect and the millions of times they have recommended perfect hand hygiene has led us to favor shorter nails, or perhaps because they are much more practical, the fact is that this is the current trend.

Let’s face it, all in all it is good news: we like the idea of ​​not necessarily having to have very long nails to be fashionable!

Of course, we will see that short nails require different techniques and treatments than those of greater length, but they are equally elegant, give a “settled” effect and are much more comfortable.

But be careful: court does not mean absolutely not cared for or unkempt, on the contrary! Taking care of it is essential, otherwise you risk a really ugly effect from an aesthetic point of view.

Let’s see together how to enhance this type of manicure to have equally beautiful hands!

Why Choose Shorter Nails?

It is true, having long nails certainly helps to streamline the hand, to make it more tapered and, sometimes, more feminine, but there are many pros that can lead us to make a different choice.

I will always repeat, this does not justify biting your nails! The appearance must always be well cared for.

First, very short nails are more hygienic: it is more difficult for dirt to be trapped under the nail bed and, therefore, cleaning is greater.

They are more practical and easier to manage, because they have a lower risk of breaking, unraveling and breaking; plus, let’s face it, they are also cheaper! The longer the nail, the more it needs to be strong and this leads to the purchase of reinforcing products of different types. Not to mention the cuticle products!

Another advantage is that shorter nails are much more showy and, therefore, more difficult to match, both with the outfits and with the colors chosen for the glazes.

Finally, there are those who work with their hands (think of those who spend 8 or more hours writing on a PC keyboard or certain types of musicians) and cannot wear a long manicure.

In short, the advantages are there and not even few.

So, if you have very slow regrowth, if you don’t have the time and money to periodically go to the beautician for retouching, don’t worry: you can still have beautiful hands!

Help For Hands To The Top

As I said, even this type of nails requires constant and careful care (albeit different). If, therefore, we choose to opt for natural short nails, then it is good to know that, first of all, in order to be able to enhance them, it is necessary to do a good manicure.

So, first we wash our hands with warm water and a few drops of almond oil, then carefully dry our hands, and then pass a specific product for cuticles.

We then proceed to massage them for about twenty seconds, and then slowly push them inwards with a wooden stick or a cuticle pusher.

We wash our hands again, brush them well with a dedicated product and dry.

Then, we move on to file the edges to make the nail less “jagged” and first apply an opacifier (to make the enamel last longer) and finally a reinforcer.

Some Tricks To Make Your Nails Look A Little Longer And Less Small

First of all, the procedure described above is fundamental, especially as regards the cuticles.

Later we will also talk about which are the most suitable colors to choose, but I already tell you that we must avoid too bright colors and too dark colors: the lighter and more neutral the tone, the better! The nail will look bigger. In terms of nail art (we will go into this in more detail later), the best choice is the French one, because it tends to stretch the whole hand.

In addition, when applying the nail polish, it is better to avoid covering the nail entirely: leaving a few uncolored lateral millimeters will help make the nail bed area appear longer.

Finally, if you have very weak and brittle nails that easily unravel or break even if short, in addition to a strengthening and hardening nail polish it would also be preferable to take some vitamin complex that can help the growth and strength of the nails.

Nail Polish For Short Nails: How To Choose It?

Here too, there is a clarification to be made: on nails that are not very long it is preferable to simply apply a polish, but it does not detract from the fact that it is also possible to opt for a more particular nail art (we will see some later).

We are always free to do what we want!

While the choice of a slightly pointed or oval shape is fairly standard, for glazes, however, it is better to always choose the patterns and nuances carefully.

In general, if in addition to having small nails you also have a not very slender hand, it is much better to choose very light tones (transparent, a true evergreen would be fine), such as soft pink, powder pink, milky white, nude.

If, on the other hand, the shape of the hand is tapered, then you can also be a little more daring, for example by choosing pastel colors such as light blue, mint green, lilac, candy pink.

If you really can’t do without dark colors, such as gray, red, purple, it is better to always opt for a metallic or glittery (and not opaque) texture, which tends to give light and therefore visually make the nail less. small.

And please … no chalk white!

Clearly, we do not neglect either the choice of the base or the choice of the top coat, essential to ensure that the seal is perfect and longer lasting.

In addition, the top coat has a “glossy effect” texture, so it will give more light to your hands, making them more beautiful.

Remember that if you have long wide ones, you can use the trick of vertical application, with a few millimeters uncovered on the side; the nail will seem much longer … seeing is believing!

Nail Art: Why Not?

It is absolutely not true that only long nails can be decorated: it all lies in the choice of the nail art to be applied, because it is obvious that it is conditioned by the limited length of the nail.

We said that the best in this case is the French, because it is the technique par excellence that makes the nails more feminine and visually longer.

If, on the other hand, you want something less classic, the advice is to opt for a simple and minimal decoration: for example, it is nice to apply one or more colored dots on the nail, leaving colored spaces with a basic shade.

Or, again to recreate a lengthening effect, we can play with vertical colored stripes or with small geometric elements drawn on the nail. If, on the other hand, you want something more special, who says you can’t go for leopard nails or rainbow nails?

The Mission (Im) Possible

We are continually told that hands are a woman’s business card and this is probably the case, but what they don’t always tell us is that you don’t necessarily need nails that look like claws to have beautiful and feminine hands.

Indeed, sometimes the effect of too long nails could be counterproductive and sometimes a little vulgar.

What I mean is that to have beautiful hands you don’t need to focus on the length of the nails: it is absolutely not a mission impossible to have a top result despite having small nails.

Just adopt some clever tricks that allow us to improve the appearance of the hands and enhance them as much as possible. Word of Vale!

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