Pointed nails: versatility at your fingertips!

Feminine, versatile, trendy: pointed nails are the perfect choice fhttps://www.beautyhappiness.net/en/bride-nails/or those who want an elegant and tapered hand, but at the same time simple.

How to choose the shape of the nails
When preparing to perform a manicure, it is good to keep in mind that not all hands and not all nails are the same. There are naturally wide and long nail beds, others much smaller, long thin fingers, and others a little more plump.
For this reason, it is important not to make rash choices and to inquire a little before choosing which form to use. For example, if you have a large hand it is better to opt for rounded shapes, if you have a chubby hand, it is better to choose oval shapes and, again, if you have long and thin fingers, it is better to choose a more square option.

Who are pointy nails good for?
This shape is also called “mountain peck”, because it recalls the top of a mountain and, of course, you can choose how high this peak can be! There are those who prefer long pointy nails and those who prefer the shorter version, perhaps because they do manual work or simply because they find it more comfortable.
The fact is that the pointed shape is good for everyone, even if it is not suitable for extremes, in the sense that it is particularly suitable for those with medium-sized hands and nails.

How to make pointy nails
Before talking about how to create the “mountain” shape, we need to make a clarification: we are not talking about the eccentric and whimsical stiletto nails. The latter are in fact the most extreme version of the pointed shape, while now we are talking about how to make a less strong and more delicate tip.
That said, let’s move on to the practical tips!

Step 1: the preparation
I will never stop saying it: whether you turn to a professional or decide to opt for do-it-yourself, the first step is always to take care of your hands. Doing pointed nails without resorting to reconstructions of any kind requires the nails to be strong and resistant, so if you have a tendency to break and flake, run for cover a little earlier with hardening treatments. And please, always pay attention to the cuticles!

Step 2: filing
We are at the most delicate stage. First of all, I advise you, if you are a beginner, to choose a length that is not excessive, so you can do a little practice. The key thing is to firmly and gently file both sides of the nail bed, as symmetrically as possible. To do this, it is better to frequently alternate left and right sides, so as to adjust gradually.
File until the tip of the nail is thinned as you prefer.
Step 3: the finishing touches
We finish the job with a bit of hard file that best defines the nail banks and we do a coat of transparent and hardener polish or top coat. Your super hands will then be ready to show off!

Different types of pointed nails
Not all tips are the same, so much so that in recent years some very cool shapes have been making their way. Let’s see which ones:
Pipe effect: the tip is more rounded and reminiscent of the almond shape, but much longer
Bridge effect: here we are faced with nails that resemble claws, so the tip is very long and tapered
Edge effect: this is the most angular version, it resembles a triangular shape and is the most resistant of all

Pointed nail art: the secrets for perfect hands

When we talk about nail art, you know, we always have infinite possibilities before us, because it is true that there are colors and patterns that best suit certain shapes of hands and nails, but it is also true that the way we decorate them it says a lot about our personality, so the choice is very personal.
That said, the trend this year regarding the pointed shape is the use of very bright colors: yellow, red, orange, are the most glamorous ones. Green light especially for the rainbow effect!
Clearly, this will give your hands a “shock” effect that will not go unnoticed, so if you prefer a more natural effect, you can always opt for a nude suitable for your complexion or a classic and timeless white French.

Give light with glitter and rhinestones
If you are not afraid to dare a little more, especially in summer, how about enriching your nail art with glitter enamels or with the application of more or less large glitter? The sun will make your nails sparkle like never before!
Obviously, it is not said that it is necessary to decorate all the nails, maybe you can choose only one for an “accent nail” effect or just a few, like thumb and little finger.

What to do if you have short nails?
If you don’t have naturally long and strong nails, don’t worry, you can make beautiful pointed gel nails! If you are practical, you can do it on your own, otherwise contact a nail technician for a more professional and lasting result. Indeed, you will make her happy, since this form is also often used in exhibitions and fairs just to demonstrate

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