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Multicolor Nails: A Rainbow On The Hands

The watchword for the new trend in nail art is Mismatched: multicolored nails, a little “imperfect” and over-colored, break the classic aesthetic patterns and give a super glam touch to hands and feet

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A truly perfect solution for those who want to dare, in all seasons: multicolor nails art, in fact, is suitable for any period of the year, just choose the right shades.

But let’s see together how to make this technique and have fun customizing it as you prefer!

The Benefits Of Having All Colored Nails

So, let’s face it: we all found ourselves at least once in front of an infinite palette of colored glazes without knowing which one to choose, lost in indecision and divided between the instinct to buy them all and the rationality of choosing only one in order not to lighten too much pocket.

Well, I tell you … why choose necessarily?

Of course, I’m not saying to buy dozens and dozens of glazes, but maybe buy a few more once and have fun mixing them together, with various shades and techniques.

Having nails of different colors has two very important advantages: the first is a perfect technique for those who always want to change their look, including hands.

Having super colored hands can help overcome the idea that “always seeing the same thing in front of my eyes bores me” (a bit like with tattoos).

Moreover, let’s face it, having rainbow nails is, as well as super trendy, also practical and versatile from the point of view of combinations; shoes, accessories, clothes, are perfectly combined with a style that is not monochromatic, but please … always pay attention to combinations and always pay attention to chromatic harmony! Dare yes, but with style.

Techniques To Make Multicolor Gel Nails

The creation of the “rainbow” effect nail art is really popular everywhere now: from social networks to TV, they all sport noteworthy manicures. In particular, the favorite technique is that of gel nails, more resistant, shiny and shiny.

I would like to advise you, in the realization of this manicure, only one thing: creativity! Have fun customizing your hands without being afraid to dare, for a mismatched and lively effect.

The starting point is to choose two or three shades to match: consider that in the first case, all the nails will be colored with one color and only the ring finger with the different color, while in the second case, the different shade will be applied on the ring finger and medium.

If you tend to be more eccentric in your style, you can opt for colors that are also very different from each other, while if you are a little more traditionalist, it is better to choose different shades of a single color: for example, you could choose different shades of blue and blue for summer nails at the top!

This season, of course, I recommend pastel multicolor nails, which enhance the tan and match the bright colors of summer. Or, if we are not talking about summer, but for example, autumn, opt for the color scale of brown.

In general, however, I always recommend creating the mismatched effect symmetrically for both hands, to avoid an effect that is a little too “messy” and casual.

Remember also that with the multicolor manicure you can have fun creating “different” effects on nails, a particular texture or, for some evening event, choose the application of a nail polish or gold-colored details.

Rainbow Nails: The Effects To Make For Your Multicolor Nails

If we talk about trends, even when it comes to super colored hands we are really spoiled for choice.

For example, the “negative space” effect is very fashionable today, ie the creation, with glazes of different shades, of geometric spaces left empty and from which you can see the pink of the nail.

Or, the more extroverted can choose to dedicate each nail to a fruit or a flower, reproducing it on the fingers with the different glazes.

Or again, it is possible to create the so-called “color block” effect, by drawing asymmetrical and imaginative rainbow-colored blocks on the nails.

For those who want to be a little less daring, however, the multicolor technique can also be used in a minimal style, for example by drawing colored crescents at the base of the nails.

In short, there really is something for everyone!

The important thing, if you decide to proceed with your nail art alone and not turn to a professional, is to avoid painting your hands “at random” and therefore go back to the times when we were little girls and inappropriately of the elder sister on the hands!

So, choose what you like best, but do it with common sense and you will see that you will have pop and super manicured hands, which will not go unnoticed! Word of Vale

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