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Mermaid Effect Nails: The Must Have Of Summer

The salt on your skin, the sun kissing your face, the sea breeze in your hair: if you feel a bit like Ariel in the summer, then you won’t be able to do without mermaid effect nails!

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A magical and colorful nail art, perfect for decorating your summer nails. Let’s see together what this technique consists of and how to make it.

Mermaid Effect Nail Art: What You Need To Create It

Unlike what we have seen for the previous techniques, in this case the glazes are not enough: it will be necessary to have a powder specifically designed to give the iridescent and super glitter effect to the nail bed.

You can find it in shops that sell manicure items and, of course, also on the web.

Having said that, it must be said that the Mermaid Nails are quite simple to make, so you can also decide not to turn to a professional (obviously, it is always recommended if you want to have an ideal and longer lasting effect) and to use the do it yourself, even if you are a beginner.

The Steps To Follow For Mermaid Nails

The key effect of this nail art is the light and brightness to be given to the nails: this is why iridescent powder is essential. But let’s go in order.

First of all, I will repeat it over and over, do a nice manicure, moisturize your hands and take care of your cuticles: it is essential for a good yield and for an aesthetically beautiful effect.

After that, apply a gel or a semi-permanent polish on the nails and let it catalyze with the UV lamp for the time necessary for the result to be well fixed. Then do a second step with the enamel.

Fundamental Step: The Dust!

Now, we are ready to apply the iridescent powder: this step is essential, so, I recommend, it is important that the powder is applied all over the nail bed evenly, through circular massages on the nail.

Let the product dry with the lamp and then apply a fixing / sealing gel and catalyze for the last time. The game is done!

Pink Mermaid Nails: The Romantic Choice For Summer Hands

What we have described above is the most classic of the variations of this technique, but, as in other nail art, also in this case it is possible to use different colors and different details to customize your hands.

For example, it is possible to give a super feminine touch to the nails by making the technique with the prevalence of pink, both as a base and as a powder. You can choose an iridescent product with pink or fuchsia micro glitter, for a holographic and iridescent effect.

The Most Summery Alternative There Is: White Mermaid Effect Gel Nails

For those who prefer a “wow” effect that stands out to the maximum with the summer tan, then they must choose the predominance of white: the white gel base will make the powder shine to the maximum, maximizing its brightness, for elegant and proof hands. of beach!

The originality is in the decorations

Even in the case of Mermaid Nails, there is an embarrassment of choice if we look at the many applications that can make your nail art very original and special.

Let’s see some examples

Don’t want to give up the French effect? Well, you can decide to apply small rhinestones on the bezel of the nail bed to all nails (or to one, or only some); this will also favor the optical elongation of the hand.

Do you want a marine effect worthy of the Little Mermaid? Then it is possible to apply small shells, anchors, waves on the nails, of the color you prefer, at will. Alternatively, you can also have fun drawing the shell effect on your nails.

Shell Nails: How To Make Them

To have this effect and make your hands super bewitching, you have two options: choose nail polish and top coat in white mother of pearl or (maybe if you want to opt for a less classic and a little more jaunty style), you can try your hand at drawing on the nails of the horizontal decorations in the shape of mini curves: a simple and effective result! Word of Vale

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