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Marble Effect Nails: The Chic Solution For Your Hands

Elegant, trendy, classy, marble-effect nails are a trend that has made its way into the world of nail art for some years and has returned to the fore thanks to visibility on social media. In fact, there are many VIP characters who show off this type of manicure, with a sophisticated but not excessively whimsical look.

Let’s find out all the secrets to make perfect marble nails!

How To Make The Marble Effect On Nails

If you have little time to devote to your hands, but you don’t want to give up having a neat and trendy look, then the marble effect nail art is the one for you! It may seem very complex to make, but it’s actually quite simple. Let’s see the steps together.

Preparation With Manicure

Preparing the nails for any type of treatment, I always say, is essential. So, start by sanitizing your hands well, and do a manicure. Attention, if you have already dedicated some care to your nails, you can also opt for a dry technique, without using water, so that the duration of the polish will be longer. If, on the other hand, you have cuticles and films to take care of, then it is better to first soften the surfaces around the nail bed with the classic “soak” in warm water.

Filing And Possible Elongation

As always, we are faced with the choice between natural nails or reconstructed nails. It depends on you, on what final effect you want and on the starting point. If you have manicured and not very short nails, you can also decide to create the marbled effect on your nails, while if you have slightly damaged hands or, in any case, you want a lengthening effect, then opt for the reconstruction, preferably in acrylic.

Whatever your choice, the important thing is to dull the nail with a buffer file.

The application of the enamel

Let’s continue with the process to create beautiful marble effect nails. We apply semi-permanent nail polish of the color we prefer (I suggest white or in any case a very light nail polish) over the entire nail and polymerize with the lamp. Let’s repeat this operation one more time. Then, we apply an enamel with a matte texture, without, however, polymerizing.

The Magic Of Marble On Hands

Here we are at the crucial moment! We take a brush with a very thin tip (possibly, choose one of those that are designed specifically for nail art) and mix a dark semi-permanent, preferably anthracite gray or black, with a degreaser. After that, let’s spread the enamel all over the nail bed and polymerize for about half a minute. Finally, we grease and apply, for greater shine, a transparent enamel on the veins we have created. Et Voilà! Here are our gorgeous marble-effect nails, ready to show off with pride!

Pink Marble Effect Nails: The Refinement of the Stone Effect

There are several ways to be able to make marble nails. As usual, you can choose the colors and effects you prefer. Now, however, let’s analyze one in particular, much loved especially as bridal nails. Let’s talk about the infamous Quartz Nails!

Elegant, sophisticated and “precious”, these nails are ideal for those who want to be trendy, without daring too much. To be able to make them, even in this case, you can choose to do it yourself or contact a nail technician.

Tricks To Make These Magnificent Marble Effect Nails

Here is what we need to have a result with an amazing and super precious effect!

First of all, a product that allows us to protect and strengthen the nails. Then, let’s equip ourselves with a white nail polish, one with golden shades and a top coat. Finally, the inevitable thin-tipped brush is needed.

Versatility Is The Password!

Do you want a wow effect for a ceremony? Decorate all the nails. Do you want an accent nail effect? Decorate only one. In short, you are spoiled for choice!

What you have to do is choose which and how many nails you want to marble and proceed in this way: apply a transparent base and a glossy top coat, with pink finishes. Make sure that everything dries properly and remove any excess.

Then, with the thin brush, have fun drawing the veins and imitating the quartz finishes. Actually, to make them you can choose the color you prefer, but I recommend using, for a super chic and elegant effect, a white or gold-like nail polish.

Finally, my suggestion is to apply another coat of coat, perhaps in gel. 20 minutes to settle everything and go! Marble effect nails ready!

Full Color Nail Art!

After the most classic of the versions, we also talk about more colorful and whimsical solutions of marbled nails. First of all, if you want to give a more “wow” effect to your hands, go for length. Marble nails are generally suitable for any type of nail, long or short, but having long nails or a wider nail bed certainly helps to have an aesthetically more beautiful result.

If you do not have long starting nails, perhaps contact a beautician and opt for a reconstruction, at least at the beginning, in order to make them grow naturally and later indulge yourself with your natural nails.

Or, if you already have long nails or you don’t care and you still want marble-effect nails on your short nails, opt for colors!

For example, it is possible to draw the veins not with a single color, but by mixing several. One of my favorite effects is the one made on a white base, with black and gold finishes… the top!

The Tips To Be Perfect In Every Season

If you wonder if marble-effect nails can be suitable for every season, the answer is absolutely yes!

Do we want to start from the summer? Good. Imagine a white base with super colored veins, perhaps with fluorescent shades that stand out beautifully on tanned fingers: wonderful, right?

And if we think of winter and, in particular of Christmas, wouldn’t red and golden nails be splendid? Or maybe blue and silver? Oh well, it depends on how you chose the colors of your Christmas tree!

In spring, the pastel colors that recall the flowers are splendid, while in autumn the shades of beige and brown are preferred, to recall the suggestive avenues covered with leaves.

Tips & Tricks: Marbled Water!

So far we have talked about the classic method for creating marble-effect nails, but in reality, especially if you opt for DIY, there is another technique that you can use.

Ready? I’ll illustrate it to you!

Spread a coat and a chalk white polish on the nails, to give more vivacity to the following finishes. Let it dry and protect your fingers so as not to get them dirty: you can use vaseline, oil, adhesive tape: in short, something that helps you not to let excess product go on your hands.

The next step is to take a small bowl, possibly glass and dedicated exclusively to nail art, and cover the work table with newspaper. Proceed with filling the bowl with warm water and choose two or more glazes you prefer.

Drops Of Color, A Trendy Sea

Take the brush of the first nail polish chosen and let a couple of drops fall into the water. Wait for them to extend into the bowl, then take the second glaze and drop a drop in the first color circle. Repeat the procedure for each color you have chosen to make the nail art.

And now? Take a simple toothpick and place it in the center of the colored circles, then pass the toothpick through the glazes (I love the spiral effect!), But do it quickly: the glaze must not dry out!

Decoration Time: Ready To Color Bath!

Once you have created your favorite effect in the water, slowly place the nails you want to decorate, one by one, on the color in the bowl and let it soak for a few seconds, while the nail polish adheres. Now you just have to take your finger out of the water and that’s it!

All you have to do is shake your finger a little to remove excess water and clean any residual nail polish that has stuck to the outside of the nail bed.

Repeat the process for each nail you want to decorate and then, once dry, apply a top coat to make sure that the result is as long-lasting as possible.

It may seem like a complicated procedure, but you’ll see: it’s super fun! Word of Vale

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