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Leopard Print Nails: Glamor And Scratchy

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If you are tired of your nails that are a little too classic and simple and you want to show all your grit and energy, choose leopard-print nails!

Today we are talking about one of the most rock trends of recent times in terms of manicure, that is the leopard nail art; a perfect choice for those who want to decorate their hands with an evergreen and timeless style like the animalier one.

Let’s find out all the variations of this super trendy technique together.

How To Achieve The Leopard Effect On Nails

Il must have del momento è creare un effetto animalier su tutta la mano o anche soltanto su alcune unghie, se magari l’effetto total è per te un po’ eccessivo. Ma come si realizza questo tipo di decorazione? Vediamolo insieme!

For those who are beginners, this type of nail art could be ideal, because it is true that, as usual, to have a good result it is necessary to practice and have patience, but it is also true that in this case precision excessive is useless.

It goes without saying that there are many variations of this technique that you can make, but let’s start with the more “classic” one.

Get three glazes, possibly black, white and a shade of brown (a dove gray or, if you really want a strong effect, a gold variant is fine); you will then need a rounded-tip dotter for decorations and a top coat, preferably transparent.

Before starting the actual decoration, always remember to care and prepare your hands, then moisturize them, soften and remove the cuticles. After that, we can start.

First apply the white base evenly over the entire nail and let it dry well; then, with the brown nail polish, create irregular dots, like polka dots, on the nails you decide to decorate.

Let it dry again and then proceed to dip the dotter in the black enamel, using it to trace the outlines of the polka dots you drew earlier (better if you don’t draw the outlines too precisely and regularly and, above all, better if you leave them a little open. ).

The last step, after all the enamel has dried properly, is to apply the transparent top coat, for a shiny and luminous result. Now you are ready to show off your new nails in a bold and bold way!

A Chic Variant: Pink Leopard Nails

If you are not a lover of neutral and classic colors like those described above, then brown, beige and gold, you can opt for really very feminine and glam colored nails, using shades of pink; it’s up to you to choose if you want a pastel shade or a bright and shocking pink!

The steps are the same as described above, with the difference that the polka dots will have to be made with pink, while you can choose, depending on your tastes, whether to trace the outlines with black or, alternatively, with white.

Remember that you also have the option of opting for a gel polish and not a traditional polish, in order to get beautiful leopard-print gel nails.

Of course, if you want a glam effect, but maybe you don’t like the whole nail being speckled, you can also decide to make the decoration only on the tip of the nail, or on the part of the bezel, like a sort of French; the result will be equally trendy, but less noticeable.

Not Only Leopard: Animal Nails!

If in your wardrobe you can’t miss that splendid python sandal or that wonderful zebra-striped jacket and you madly love everything that is animalier, know that you will be spoiled for choice for your nails!

The spotted effect, in fact, is not the only one that can be achieved, but on the contrary, you really have a sea of possibilities to match your hands with your jungle-touch outfits!

In addition to the possibility of varying as much as you want with the colors to create leopard nail art (for example, you may want to use the shades of red, blue, orange, in short, the ones you prefer), you can also be inspired by many different effects fantasies.

You could, for example, create a zebra or tortoiseshell effect or even brindle or python.

Lately, however, especially from the US world (which, you know, often sees us at length on fashion trends and anticipates trends), the love for the black and white dappled effect, which is inspired by the cow, is going crazy.

Cow Nails Effect: How To Make It

It’s that simple! Just equip yourself with a white and a black nail polish, first spreading the white base evenly over the entire nail and then, with the help of a specific pen for nail art, go and draw stains with the nail polish black.

You can draw as many and wherever you want, as long as they are quite irregular.

Obviously, even in this case you could decide not to apply the Cow effect to the entire nail (simulating a French) or decorate only some nails and leaving the others, for example, white or black.

Just as you can decide to use other colors to make the spots or enrich the final effect even more with the glam touch of rhinestones and glitter or glitter.

To have a very particular and impactful result, I recommend combining the animalier decoration with the split nails technique, then choose some nails (even one is enough) to be “split in half” chromatically, vertically; on the one hand you can use a neutral color, such as a nude, a gray, a beige, and on the other hand you can have fun coloring your nail as you like!

Grit and originality, but without exaggerating!

Spotted nails are suitable for any type of nail: from short to long, from natural to that made with gel reconstruction, from stiletto to square or ballerina nails. In short, all of us, if we want, can have fun creating this evergreen and trendy Nail Art.

What, however, I would like to advise you is to pay attention, when you make the choice to use animal prints, to your outfits and the accessories you wear.

As I always say, we are free to do what we want with our look, but for an aesthetically more beautiful impact, it is better to avoid using, for example, a blue dappled effect, if we are going to wear a red dress. At this point, it is better to opt for a total white or total black look, certainly more neutral, perhaps accompanying it with accessories that are not too eccentric and showy.

Or on the contrary, if we have a dress or a blouse with a particular pattern and bright or fluo colors, but you don’t want to give up the animal print on your hands, it’s better to opt for a dappled detail (maybe only on a few fingers) and not for a total nail color.

In short, the important thing, as I always say, is not to overdo it and pay attention to the chromatic harmony and this applies not only to the hands, but also to the feet!

Be careful to choose shoes in the right models and colors, if we have opted for an eccentric and eye-catching style in terms of nail art.

Your look will thank you. Word of Vale!

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