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Disney Nails: The Choice For Girls Back

If you want your nails to be iconic, fun and colorful, then choose to make disney nails!

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A magical, unconventional and very original manicure that will make you feel like a real princess.

Let’s see together all the curiosities and how to make them happen.

Disney Nail Art: Discover The Infinite Possibilities

Do you have a film, a cartoon, a character that you carry in your heart?

Well, then all you have to do is imprint it on your nails and make it the protagonist of your hands!

The possibilities we have to customize our style in this case are really many: do you love Minnie and Mickey Mouse?

Then you can recreate their world with a series of white polka dots with a red background and vice versa, or you can have fun drawing Mickey Mouse’s ears on a nail, for a really fun accent nail effect!

How To Make Disney Nail Designs

If you already have a good dose of experience and dexterity with nail decoration, then you can indulge yourself and try yourself to apply this particular Nail Art on your hands; otherwise, contact a professional, you will see that she will be happy to satisfy you and she too will become a little girl with you 😊

In general, to create nails with Disney characters you need creativity, lots of colored glazes and a lot of steady hands; the techniques, in this case, are in fact mostly decorative and have to do with drawing skills.

Disney Nail Stickers: The Most Practical And Fastest Solution

Compared to the above, there is also a third alternative: if you do not have manual skills or do not want to contact a nail technician, then you can opt for some wonderful stickers!

There are many beauty brands that make this type of product; in this way, just apply the stickers accurately to your nails and put a great top coat on them.

Let it dry and that’s it: you will have super Glam multicolored nails in just a few taps. Simple, isn’t it?

And You, What Character Are You?

Whatever the choice in the realization of this magical manicure, you will be truly free to indulge yourself in choosing the cartoon you prefer.

There are those who choose the romantic tale of Beauty and the Beast, drawing the infamous rose with the falling petal or using the gold that recalls Belle’s dress, those who are inspired by the funny characters of Toy Story, those who have in their heart the sweet puppies of the 101st charge and then he will decide to color his hands with black and white creating a Dalmatian effect.

In short, green light to the imagination!

Why Choose Disney Nail Theme

There is a huge advantage of this type of manicure: versatility.

Whatever your nail shape or length, whatever your look or outfit, whatever the season we are experiencing, Disney Nail Art is always wonderfully perfect!

Tips For Short Nails

Clearly, if the nails are long enough, you can choose to use simple or semi-permanent nail polishes or, if you want a more lasting and slightly rounded effect, you can choose to create Disney gel nails.

If, on the other hand, your nails are small and a little short, you may decide to have a reconstruction done (independently or, better, by a professional for an ideal result); the techniques, as we know, are many, just choose the ideal one for our nails.

Hands To Dream And Feel Princesses

We can all have fun drawing our favorite characters and movies on our hands and become children again.

We can all feel like carefree queens of a timeless magical world.

We can all continue to represent our style, our memories and our emotions with small details.

Because dreaming is never wrong, it is never excessive. Woe to those who stop dreaming and who stop being a little Peter Pan.

Always do it and you will see that your heart will always remain a little lighter. Word of Vale! 😊

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