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Bridal Nails: Trends In White Dress

We all want that on our most beautiful day everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail and certainly perfection also passes through our hands: let’s see, therefore, together what are the latest trends in bridal nails!

Whether they are weddings in summer or winter, at lunch or dinner, with great celebrations or with a more intimate ceremony, the preparations always make every choice magical and particular: from the location to the dress, from the theme to the favors. talk about makeup and hair!

Every future wife wants to be perfect, so the choice of bridal nails is also of fundamental importance.

Guide To Wedding Nails
How to choose the perfect manicure for the best day of your life?

Of course, probably the real protagonist will be the white dress, but it is also true that the hands will certainly not go unnoticed, since everyone will have their eyes on the wedding rings of the newlyweds!

So, let’s go in order and let’s try together to understand how to extricate ourselves from the infinite possibilities available and make the best choice.

Preparation Is Key!
I will repeat it over and over: before making a choice on nail art it is essential to first take care of your hands and this is even more valid when it comes to weddings.

It is very important that the wedding day arrives with manicured hands and healthy and strong nails, so start thinking about nail care a little first.

Get advice from an expert, or ask in any pharmacy that also sells cosmetic products: they will be able to give you tips on which products to buy. Surely, you will need to get a hardening nail polish, the necessary for the care of the cuticles, a file and so on.

The way your hands are treated will greatly affect the choice you can make regarding the shapes and decorations of your nails.

Attention to the shape!
Let’s face it: it is true that each of us is free to do what she wants, but it is also true that each of us wants to be flawless, feminine and elegant on the wedding day.

For this reason, I would like to advise you to avoid excessive nails in terms of shape; better to avoid very long nails (which, among other things, could get stuck in your dress or that of some guests!) and better not opt ​​for stiletto or overly pointy nails.

Better to prefer a medium length for a more refined choice and to prefer square-shaped nails or, better still, oval and rounded. If you still want very long nails, then it is better to choose an almond shape.

The choice of error-proof nail art
We talked about shape, now let’s talk about decorations.

In general, to have a very beautiful and above all long-lasting result, for the wedding I would recommend that you contact a professional or a nail technician and not play with DIY.

If, however, you want to have fun or otherwise prefer not to spend money in this regard, then start practicing a long time in advance, in order to familiarize yourself with the tools and techniques to be used.

Having said that, let’s see together what are the latest trends in decorated nails for brides.

Password: Simplicity
As far as wedding nail art is concerned, there are two evergreens that cyclically return to the limelight of the scene. The first is definitely the French nails; elegant, refined, simple and romantic it is truly perfect for the most important day in life. Obviously, you can choose the variation you prefer: the classic white French with a rosy base, or choose a more glamorous touch with the application of a glitter polish on the bezel of the nail or even very small rhinestones on some nails.

The second evergreen is the baby boomer effect: perhaps more suitable for younger brides or for those with a very small nail bed, as the degraded effect tends to optically enlarge the nail. Here too, you can choose the classic variant or maybe opt for a brighter finish.

If you want a gem, I would also choose the accent nail effect: maybe distinguishing the ring finger with a detail, it would be perfect to make the wedding ring stand out, which will shine more than ever!

The Choice Of Color For Perfect Hands
As for the shades to use on the wedding day, the must-have is definitely the naturalness and, therefore, the nude effect.

I recommend, always in a consistent way to your complexion in order not to have an excessive continuity effect. Alternatively, the choice can fall on very light shades: pearly white, powder pink, peach pink.

For those who want a touch of “more personality”, it is also possible to go towards the classic red, perhaps not too bright: a feminine and trendy nuance, which always makes its figure.

You can choose to use a solid color and then enrich the nail art with colorful details, perhaps recalling the color a little

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