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Almond Nails: Elegance at your fingertips

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We are talking about the most classic and most requested form of manicure, the one linked to the realization of almond nails.

They have always been the most popular of all, because they give the hand a sophisticated and elegant look, without compromising the naturalness of the hand.

They are refined, they adapt to practically every type of hand and nail and have “beaten the competition” of the most square nails.

When To Choose Almond Nails?

This type of manicure is very versatile and transversal, in the sense that it is good for both young women and slightly more mature women, who love, however, to show off a trendy and sophisticated nail look.

Another very important advantage of this type of nails is that it is also suitable in case of nail biting, so if you bite your nails, know that short almond nails could be the ideal solution for you!

The same goes for those who have a very small nail bed, as this type of technique greatly slims the hand, making it visually longer and slimmer.

The Different Types Of Almond Nails

Although there is a common factor between the different variations of almond-shaped nails, there are some peculiarities. Have you ever heard of Russian almond nails?

I state that if you like to show off short nails you can also skip this paragraph, because the Russian variant has a super “scratchy” effect! In fact, we are talking about a variant with a very long and sharp shape, pointed and which simulates a stiletto.

It is a suitable manicure, let’s face it, for those who are a little more whimsical and don’t do great manual work, because the portability of these nails is certainly not easy … but the effect is really WOW!

Different speech, however, for the gothic almond: much simpler and more natural, more delicate and less angular. The edges of the nail, in this case, are less elongated and narrower and do not end in a point, but with a very blunt triangular shape. In short, it is a version closer to the traditional one.

In both cases, being particular variants, I recommend in this case to contact a professional in the sector, to avoid causing disasters!

How To Make A Sensual And Feminine Manicure

The almond shape, we have said, is really suitable for everyone, even for those with medium-short length nails. So, let’s first go to see how to make almond nails on a natural nail.

As always, we prepare our hands thoroughly by moisturizing them and delicately treating the cuticles, before moving on to the real heart of the technique: the filing!

The shape we have to give is oval and a little pointed (if the nails are very short, it is better to accentuate the tip, otherwise it is better to enhance the oval); for this, the first thing to do is to work on the lateral edges, filing them with slow and delicate movements and smoothing the angled parts.

For this step, it is best to use a thick grit file.

Then, with a thinner file, let’s move to the tip and let’s go round it. Let’s pin it slightly going to smooth the corners more, in the case of chubby hands.

Almond Gel Nails And Reconstruction

If you have a long enough nail, but you want a perfect, professional and much longer lasting effect, then you can choose the gel, while if you have short nails but you don’t want to give up having long nails and an almond effect, then the solution is to opt for a reconstruction.

This is also because filing a longer length is easier, so also for a matter of practicality, you could decide to artificially lengthen them.

The choices are many: tips + gel, paper, acrylic.

Get advice from a professional in the sector, also because he will be able to study the shape of your nails and hands to understand what shape and what length to use.

Almond Nail Art: Tips & Tricks

As for the other shapes, even for the almond-shaped ones we have the possibility to choose the colors, the decorations, the fantasy that we prefer, to customize the manicure to the maximum.

In general, the favorite shade par excellence for this type of nail is red; it gives a glam, mischievous and very sensual touch to the hands and slims them a lot.

If you don’t like the “total red” effect, you can also opt for mismatched nails, perhaps using another color on some fingers or always using a red, but glittery and shiny.

For a more natural effect, it is better to choose nude shades, then powder pink, beige, light dove gray, because they visually lengthen the fingers of the hands, but

I recommend: the nude shades must be chosen according to your complexion, otherwise you risk giving an excessive effect of continuity.

Length And Decoration: Which One To Choose?

Deciding the type of Nail Art to be made depends a lot on the length of the nails.

In particular, in the case of medium-short nails, it is better to opt for a solid color or, at the most, for an accent nail effect, coloring only one finger differently (usually the ring finger).

If you want to be a little more daring, the multicolor effect could be a solution, but by choosing pastel colors or in any case light colors. Or, if you want to go a little further, you can use a technique with vertical lines, to give a vision of “elongation”.

For medium length nails, the most glamorous solutions are, of course, the super colored ones. For example, a rainbow French, or the timeless total red look.

If, on the other hand, we are talking about greater length, then here you can really indulge yourself! We can use bright shades such as orange or fluorescent yellow or trendy colors such as (hear this) peacock green!

Brand new and super trendy color, which gives its maximum in summer, because with the sun it recreates a truly spectacular mirror effect! Obviously suitable for those who want to exaggerate a bit, at least during the summer.

In addition, very long nails lend themselves to the use of 5 different shades of the same color on different fingers, but also to the most diverse designs that best represent us!

After all, hands are our calling card, so it’s worth showing ourselves starting from the nails! Word of Vale

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