about me

Loving Yourself Is The Beginning Of A Lifelong Love Story

A fun and exciting journey towards beauty, well-being and… happiness!

All I do is simply give advice on the world of beauty and give voice to my experience, as I would do with my friends.

What do you say, let’s chat for a while? 😊

I believe that in life you must never, at any time, forget to love yourself. Taking care of your well-being is important to start a beautiful and wonderful journey, like love for your person. And not to please others, but to look in the mirror and feel the best version of yourself.

It takes very little to love each other a little more: the right hairstyle, the right makeup for your face, a quick retouch on your nails, a well-groomed haircare routine. Just do it with passion and fun, without entering the spiral of aesthetic perfection that, let’s face it, does not exist!

Here is my goal: to advise in a spontaneous and empathic way how to pursue the path of wellness and beauty with simple and fun beauty tips, as if we were among friends!

Read on and you will see that you will not regret it… word of Vale! 😊